Can't change the description for a plugin in the portal

(Stewart Bryson) #1

I pulled a lot of boilerplate from another plugin and forgot to change the plugin description. I’m talking about the main description right underneath the plugin title and right above the VCS URL.

I’ve even completely deleted the plugin (by deleting all versions) and re-publishing with the correct description, and it still reverts to the old one. I assume the plugin doesn’t get deleted completely.

Is there something in the plugin bundle closure that allows me to override what’s currently there?

(Stewart Bryson) #2

Is this the correct place to get support for my plugin? No one has responded to this in 7 days.

(Daniel Lacasse) #3

Hi @stewartbryson, I apologize for the delay. It seems there is no way to change the topmost description using the publish plugin. The per-release description should be modifiable using the publish plugin. Could you share with us the plugin id you are trying to update? We can modify the top-most description is required.

(Stewart Bryson) #4

Thanks Daniel. The plugin is com.redpillanalytics.plugin-template. I would like the description to read:

“A plugin that does a lot of boilerplate for other Red Pill Analytics plugins.”


(Daniel Lacasse) #5

Thanks for the information. Your plugin description should now be changed.