Deprecate a plugin

I created a new plugin here (my first plugin) and didn’t know what I was doing so I ended up with a plugin name that is a bit redundant (includes “gradle” and “plugin” in the name. I have resolved the issue and am now publishing with a much better name here. I would like to deprecate or delete the old one, ideally pointing to the new one if that is possible.

What is the best way to go about this?

Hi @Zoltu

We don’t have a deprecation mechanism in the portal. I can delete the plugin, or if you think there are people still using it we could update the description to point people in the right direction.


I’m assuming no one is using it since I just created the first version a few days ago and created the more correctly named version the same day. I also haven’t told anyone about it… so in general I am okay with deleting it since I think the impact of deleting it now is lower than the impact of leaving it up with two different names.

@Zoltu the old plugin com.zoltu.gradle.plugin.git-versioning will no longer appear on the plugin portal. Hope this helps!