Removing an accidentaly published plugin


I accidentally published a plugin I didn’t mean to.


Hi again,

I really need to remove the plugin above.
It was uploaded by accident - I was tired and didn’t think clearly.
It can’t be used by anyone.

Is there some process to remove plugins, or person I can contact that can help remove this plugin?


@tomd anything we can do here?

I’ve deleted the published version of that plugin.

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Thanks for the support !!!

@tomd Hi, I faced to the same issue with org.jetbrains.intellij plugin – accidentally uploaded 1.0-SNAPSHOT version. Could you please help me with this too?

Hi @jetbrains!

I’ve deleted the 1.0-SNAPSHOT version now.



Thank you!

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Hi, I accidentally uploaded my plugin with a wrong id and then added another one to replace the same at Can you please delete ??? Thanks in advance.


Hi Naga

I have deleted org.wedoit4u.gradle.plugins.


Tom @ Gradle

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Thanks @tomd

I’ve published plugin but seems it will not work when declaring with gradle dsl:

plugins {
  id "" version "1.0.2"

because this plugin should be declared after ‘’ plugin to do it’s job.

But plugins declared with new dsl should be declared on top.
So my plugin will always fail and there is no reason to publish it on gradle plugin portal. At least it will confuse users.

Sadly I’ve figured this out after publishing.
Could someone delete this plugin from gradle plugin portal?

Also, is there opened issue for deleting/hiding plugins on plugin portal? I’ll vote it up. Or please direct me where to open one.

Hi @tomd,

i accidentally uploaded the wrong version of my plugin Could you please delete it?


@sjahreis I’ve delete version 1.0.0 of this plugin.

Do you really want to delete this plugin from the portal? An easy fix for your problem would be to use the old style DSL to reference this plugin after the plugin.

I suggest something like this:

buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url ""
  dependencies {
    classpath ""

apply plugin: ""
apply plugin: ""

If you still want to delete it, should we delete the plugin completely, or just that specific version 1.0.2?

Thank you very much @vermeulen_mp!

First thing is, it would be really nice if we could administer our own plugins, to be able to push snapshot versions to test them, replace or delete existing versions, etc. Then I could just update or delete these plugins myself. This is especially an issue when first deploying plugins: I deployed the plugin and was able to reference it, but then a bunch of dependencies went unmet. I suspect I need to add the repos containing those dependencies to the buildscript block of the plugin’s build.gradle. If I’m wrong, I’ll end up deploying and needing to have the plugin deleted again, rinse and repeat as necessary. It’s not exactly an agile or stable build and deployment situation!

Second thing is, since I can’t administer my own plugins, this is the first link that comes up on Google when you search “gradle delete published plugin”, so I’m treating it as the official “would you please delete my plugin?” thread :slight_smile:

I’d like to have the following plugins deleted:



Hi @RickH

I’ve just deleted your plugins.

We understand that the current experience around deleting wrongly published plugins is frustrating. However the plugin portal is not intended to be part of a plugin author’s normal development cycle while developing plugins - it’s really just intended to be the final publishing place once you’ve got one ready to go.

One way to test plugins locally or in CI is using testkit. This allows integration testing of plugins with a full gradle build inside your normal unit test suite.

Regarding dependencies, note that a plugin can’t add build script repositories. Plugins that are published to the plugin portal and are referenced by the plugins{} block syntax can automatically reference any jars published to JCenter (and hence also Maven Central). If you have jars in another location that the plugin needs to reference, you’ll need to use the buildscript dependency syntax in the project using your plugin and add the repos in there.

Hope that helps
Best regards,


Hi @Francois_Guillot,

While fooling around, I accidentally uploaded the wrong versions of my plugin com.github.kuldeepg.springbootutility. Could you please delete version v1.0.2 and v1.1?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @kuldeepghogre

I deleted v1.0.2 and v1.1.

But I misread your message at first, and since there were also versions 1.0.2 and 1.1, I deleted them at first.
My sincere apologies for that.

Is there a way that you could reupload 1.0.2 and 1.1 ?