How to change the main url and description after publishing?

I published a plugin with wrong url and description (plugin-publish-plugin: 0.9.0). I tried to change the url and description and published with increased and decreased version (configured like the following example), but the website/url/description doesn’t change at all.

pluginBundle {
  website = ''
  vcsUrl = ''
  description = 'Greetings from here!'
  tags = ['greetings', 'salutations']

Is it possible to change these details with the plugin-publishing-plugin?

@tomd @kons @freekh any help here?

Any way of doing this? I too would like to change the description of one of my plugins.

Hi Andy

There’s an issue with the plugin portal currently that you these things don’t get updated. Can you email us through this form and we’ll do it manually for now?



Thanks Tom,

I’ve submitted a request.