Gradle portal plugin desctiprion is null


Recently I updated some information inside com.gradle.plugin-publish configuration, but after publication I found that plugin description (which is right under main header) wasn’t changed and plugin details is null

Can anybody tell me:

  1. why / when published plugin description is null? Description config in pluginBundle closure is configured, but maybe there are any limitations, such as length or used characters?
  2. after first publishing it seems to me that description under main header is not updated (uses old version). is it expected behavior?

example is here:

Version 5.3.1-RC (latest)
Created 17 July 2017.


my build config looks like so:

description '''multiline
pluginBundle {
  description = "$description"
  plugins {
        soapuiPlugin {
            id = "${group}.soapui"
            displayName = "$description"


  1. can groovy string be a problem?
    2, or multline project description?
  2. or project description configured like this:
description 'some description'

but not like this:

description = 'some description'

ps: sorry for my English…


I suppose you’re trying to make your plugin description be the same thing as the project description?

In this case, you’re getting the plugin’s description (unset, null) and setting the plugin’s description to that.

I think you want:
description = project.description

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@sterling, you where are absolutely right. I thought project will be explicitly applied to description, as It usually happens, but there is it’s own description property inside publishPlugins clojure

Thanks for help