How to change the source URL of a plugin in the Plugin Portal

I recently migrated the source code for my plugin from GitLab to GitHub. I’m publishing it using com.gradle.plugin-publish:1.2.1. I’ve changed the vcsUrl in the gradlePlugin extension to point to GitHub and published a new version, but the plugin portal still shows the old url.

Here’s what I have in my Gradle build:

gradlePlugin {
    plugins {
        create("svg2IcoPlugin") {
            id = "com.gitlab.svg2ico"
            implementationClass = "com.gitlab.svg2ico.Svg2IcoPlugin"
            displayName = "svg2ico plugin"
            description = "Converts SVG images into ICO and PNG"
            tags.set(listOf("svg", "ico", "png"))

FWIW, the tag list doesn’t seem to match either.

Is there some other mechanism I should be using to change the source URL? I logged into the Plugin Portal, but I couldn’t find anywhere to manually change it.

For reference, the full build file is here.

Scratch that - it seems there’s an open issue about this exact problem: Plugin Author-Editable Description, Release Notes and Hashtags · Issue #18 · gradle/plugin-portal-requests · GitHub

“Don’t actually do anything” is not correct I think.
They should be considered at least with initial publishing.
But yeah, would be nice if could be changed without manual intervention.
In the meantime: