Updating tags in Plugin Portal

(Nicola Corti) #1

Hi all,

I published a plugin on the Plugin Portal and I’d love to change the tags.
(looks like my issue is really similar to Add tags to plugin)

I’m trying to use the plugin-publish plugin, but looks like the tags I set in the gradle file are ignored.
Is there a way to manually change it somehow? Or should I ask an admin to do that?


(Nicola Corti) #2

Any updates on this?

(Eric Wendelin) #3

Hi Nicola,

Unfortunately, an admin is needed. You can either:

  1. provide information here about which plugin and which tags you want to have
  2. write the same on the Plugin Portal help page and we’ll assist you.

Sorry for the delay.


(Nicola Corti) #4

Hey Eric,

So the plugin I’d love to update is this one:

The new tags should be:
#swagger #codegen #retrofit #android #kotlin #networking

Thanks for your support.