Updating pluginBundle-website doesn't update url on the plugin page


I’ve recently added gradle plugin and tried to update

pluginBundle {
website = ‘https://github.com/amarcinkowski/gradle-eclipse-php-plugin

in the build.gradle I previously had (copied from default):

pluginBundle {
website = ‘http://www.gradle.org/

After commit / update / release I still have

» http://www.gradle.org/

on the plugin page.

Any ideas how to update website of the plugin?


Hi Andrzej and thanks for reporting. We’re looking into this.

@amarcinkowski I’ve committed a fix for this, but I don’t know when we will make a new release.

Andrzej, I’ve updated your plugin’s website URL for you. Hope this helps :smile:


I appreciate it. Thank you!

Best Regards,

I also noticed this. But the tags don’t update also. I made a plugin for Java projects, updated it to support Groovy also. I had to rename my Github project and could not reflect the changes on the plugin portal. :frowning:

All together a bit more managing possibilities would be nice.