Source code for com.gradle.plugin-publish


I am looking for the source code of com.gradle.plugin-publish but I cannot find it. I have googled for “PluginBundleExtension” and “”. Can someone please share the location for it’s git repo.


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Sorry, but the plugin-publish plugin is not open-source at this time, and there are no current plans in the pipeline to do so.



Source code is only available up to 0.9.1 ->

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So far, I’ve been blindly upgrading the plugin-publish plugin version in my plugins, but it’s a bit weird to do so without understanding what’s changing behind the scenes.
@tim_yates Wouldn’t it be possible to at least publish a changelog that explains any developer-facing changes?

So, I’m assuming that because this plugin is published by Gradle, it’s licensed under Apache and not GPL (now that would be kinda funny). But because I don’t have the source code, I don’t actually know.

Any news here ? Would it be possible to open source com.gradle.plugin-publish or otherwise, make it possible to upload to the gradle portal using maven-publish ?