Help needed with plugin publishing

I’ve just published another version of my plugin via gradlew publishPlugins and it is there on the portal

Version 1.1 (latest)
Created 10 March 2022.

But I cannot read it back
When I use this new version it tries to read it from
and the server returns 404
And I cannot republish it with the same version.
What do I do?
Is there some kind of lag before it’s available or what?
Should I up the version and try again?

You likely made a request for that version of the plugin before you actually published it.

The request is actually made to:

If it’s not found, it will also look for it at:

For a plugin published to the portal, that second one will always be a 404. Once published the first URL will no longer redirect to the second URL. However, if you’ve already made a request, the redirect can be temporarily cached for you.