Your Build Scan is delayed

Hello team, each time I run a jenkins pipeline on a virtualized machine using Proxmox I run a gradle command with the --scan at the end, throwing me the url where I can request the build scan results.

Each time I do this I am always getting the following message on my email

It is a strange behavior because, on the other hand, each time I run the same command but on my local machine I get the url link and the email I receive is a successful response " Your Build Scan™ is ready

This issue might be linked to jenkins?


we had a look and it seems that there were many delayed build scans from your email. We do have a timeout that if the Build Scan is not uploaded within 10 minutes, it will be abandoned.

Can it be that you or the CI agent has a slow upload at the moment?

We can’t do more here as we can’t increase that timeout.

Thanks and regards,