Build Scan activation email not sent

Hi, after using the command line option --scan I’ll see a build scan activation url.

After entering my email address, I never receive an email. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Here’s an example build scan activation url:

In case this happens to anyone else, try activating the scan on a different browser. That worked for me.

Activating the scan on a different browser didn’t work for me.
Adding the enterprise plugin to the build script did.
Don’t really understand why

Hi @nir-logzio
I don’t fully understand what you experience.
What did you try on the first run ? Which Gradle command
Do you have the build scan URL that you tried to activate initially ?

Hi @Francois_Guillot,
I’ve tried “gradlew build --scan”
At the end of this process I got the scan URL in which I needed to enter my email address
No email was received no matter which email address I used (I’ve used two)
Only after I added the plugin to my build.gradle and run this command again entering any email address in the resulting link worked and I got the validation email
I was using Gradle 5.6.1
Sorry but I don’t have those links anymore.
I can probably generate new ones but I’m not sure I want to publish them here

Ok, I understand the flow better.
The fact that it worked when you added it in your build script is coincidental.
Most most likely happened is that the first scan was rejected because too big (we have thresholds in place in for that).
Most likely because too many exception data, or too many configuration being resolved.
It would have worked the second time even without putting it in the build script, because most of your tasks were up-to-date, hence it generated less data.

We have plans to improve the error when activating a scan that was not accepted by the server, but I can’t commit to any date yet.

@Francois_Guillot plans? :smile:
This sounds so simple to fix, either client or server side, and must be highly prioritized as the user experience is awful in such cases.

Yeah, by plans, I mean we know how to fix this.
The error is surfaced in our logs, but only our logs :slight_smile:

btw, @Francois_Guillot what’s the limit on a build scan?
This can be quite problematic as the bigger the project is the bigger this tool is needed.
I can see how with smaller project I don’t even need such a tool.

The limit is configurable when you have a Gradle Enterprise instance of your own.
On, limits are

  • the total build scan data (compressed) cannot exceed 50MB
  • each event contained in the build scan data cannot exceed 7MB

We try to optimize those events as much as possible, but it is possible that some events go over the 7MB limit (lots of nested exceptions, lots of project configuration being resolved …)

@Francois_Guillot so I went to verify my suggestion for a fix and yours. I run a full build scan on a freshly cloned repo with the plugin section in build.gradle, then removed it and run a second build scan on the same already built repo. For the first build scan I got the verification email but for the second I didn’t. So I’m concluding my findings to be that indeed this section is currently required (at least in my version 5.6.1) and that it’s not related to the build scan size.

Can you DM me the link to the scans ?

@Francois_Guillot where to exactly?

private message here in this forum

@Francois_Guillot I’m not allowed to DM you here

then send them to me at [francois at gradle dot com]

For future readers of this issue I’ll just conclude that by adding the plugin snippet I have in a way upgraded the plugin version. This newer version has a better compression ratio and as a result my build scan was smaller and passed the checks on Gradle’s build scans servers as @Francois_Guillot described

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