Automatically activate build scan to an email?

My CI will publish the scan URL for contributors to check but unfortunately, the original URL for the build scan has the prompt to activate the scan first. If I publish the scan automatically (which is my plan), everyone could activate it and thus prevent me from deleting it. How can I make it automatically bind to my account without me having to manually open the URL to claim it?

Thanks in advance.

(Gradle 7.4 with the com.gradle.enterprise plugin @ version 3.8.1, publishAlways() is getting called to publish the scan in a CI environment)

Publishing build scans for all your builds in an enterprise is something that’s more suited for doing with your own Gradle Enterprise instance. While you can certainly publish to the free build scan server that Gradle provides, it is more tailored for one-off / personal use. Claiming the build scan is just part of the process for the public build scan server that you can use for free, and I doubt there will be much change here, as this is part of the value-add that you’re paying for with Gradle Enterprise.

I see, thanks a lot for the help!