Techniques to Debug "Build Scan Could Not Be Displayed"

I am running a Gradle build via the Gradle wrapper with version 5.6.2 (with a decent amount of custom plug-ins/additions). When I use the --scan option, the upload proceeds, but I get the “Build Scan Could Not Be Displayed” Page.

Is there anything I can do locally to look at data, or on the site, to try and track down what about my build is breaking the scan from providing results properly? (I’m assuming some part of our customizations is the root cause). A build scan of running the tasks task works, but anything more substantial (like an assemble) displays this behavior, which is why I think it’s something in our configuration.

One of the recent examples of this can be found at if that would be of help

Hi @romeara,

Your build could not be processed because the amount of configuration resolution data exceeded an internal threshold that we have in place on to prevent destabilizing the system due to too much data. This is likely to continue to happen for your build when executing the same set of tasks that you did. If you build less of your project it should work.

Gradle Enterprise allows you to configure this, and other thresholds, to better align with your concrete workloads.

We are constantly optimizing the data structures we use for transmitting the build scan data so I would advise to also try with the latest build scan plugin and keep that up to date to take advantage of any improvements we make in this area.

Thanks for trying build scans.


Good to know - thank you! That gives me something I can try to work with to optimize. We just got upgraded to 5.6.2, but I will also try again with the full scan when we get to the latest major release.

If I could offer a request, having the web UI state that it couldn’t be displayed due to limits would be appreciated (and would have allowed me skip to the step of going to my organization to request investigating Gradle Enterprise)

Thanks for the quick and informative response!

@romeara you can still use a more recent build scan plugin version independently to the Gradle version. You can see the compatibility between versions here

Thanks, I was able to try that with plug-in version 3.1.1, which was listed as latest at the time of this post. Unfortunately it appears our builds still generate more data in a single run than the threshold allows. I will try to work with smaller chunks (and see if I can reduce the overall build profile)