This week in Gradle (2011-40)

Welcome to our second ‘this week in Gradle’ post. This week was dominated by JavaOne. It has been very exciting to meet so many of our users and so many people interested in Gradle. It has also been the birthplace for very interesting initiatives with other projects. We will talk more about it, once something visible has come out of this.

Tim Berglund has written up an excellent article on extending Gradle with your own plugins. This is published in NFJS, the Magazine.

The JFrog’s have released a screencast on how to use Gradle and Artifactory with the Gradle Artifactory plugin.

Sven Ehrke wrote a blog entry on using a Github based Maven repository from Gradle

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Gradle Development (by Adam Murdoch)

Early this week we published another 1.0-milestone-5 snapshot for testing. This snapshot proved to have some stability issues in the dependency cache, which we’ve now fixed. The cache implementation now does a better job of cleaning up temporary files in the cache directory.

We’ve added a new conflict resolution strategy, called the strict strategy. When you use this strategy, no version conflicts are allowed in the artifact dependency graph, either as direct or transitive dependencies.

More work has been done to make the daemon production ready. The client’s stdio stream is made available in the daemon, for those builds which need to read from stdin. We’ve made the client or daemon more robust in the face of crashes.

A new –continue command-line option is available. When you use this option, Gradle continues execution when a task fails, completing as many tasks as it can while still honouring task dependencies.

What’s next?

A new milestone-5 snapshot will be published early next week. If this snapshot proves to be stable, it will be released as 1.0-milestone-5.

While this is happening, we plan to continue stabilising the daemon, finishing up the last few issues before we enable it by default.

Also, we plan to continue to improve dependency resolution performance. Once the dependency cache is stable, we will start improving how we use the cache, so that we hit the network as little as possible.

Interesting Tweets

  • @finneycanhelp: @jamescarr is doing another awesome presentation! #gradle #git and more!
  • @acampbell3000: And so #JavaOne11 comes to an end… Highlights? Pro #Groovy by @mittie, #Heroku cloud service, and rocking the #Gradle by @kensipe :-)
  • @bmuschko: #gradle plugin is now available from #cloudbees’s Jenkins DEV@Cloud update center:
  • @AdamBien: “Rocking Gradle” - both speaker and gradle rocked! #javaone11
  • @mittie: much enjoyed Ken Sipe’s #javaone11 talk on “Rocking the Gradle” #joungFathersDelight
  • @JenniSyed: Gradle looking more and more promising. Will need to play more. Now on to intelligent logs.
  • @mrundberget: Looking forward to doing a #groovy intro presentation with kjetiljd at javabin today. Excited about the #gradle intro following us as well.
  • @softdevtube: #programming: Getting Started with Gradle
  • @PraitGmbH: Gradle - wsimport via @prait
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  • @graemerocher: @TALlama Gradle is fantastic!
  • @caakra: RT @pmgmendes RT @antonarhipov: Five Java Projects you should know about: #Neo4j, #JRebel, #Gradle, #Akka and #P…

Gradle Jobs

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Conferences and User Groups

  • SpringOne (October 25th-28th in Chicago, IL)
    • We are pleased to have several Gradle presentations at SpringOne.
    • Meetup with the Grails team to discuss improving Grails-Gradle integration.
  • Greach (November 4th in Madrid, Spain)
    • Conference on Grails, Griffon, Gradle, GPars, Spock, Gaelyk
  • GR8 (November 15th, Canberra, Australia)
    • Conference on Groovy, Grails, Griffon, Gradle, Gaelyk, Gpars
  • Devoxx (November 14th - 18th in Antwerp, Belgium)
    • Gradle will tak part in the Hackergarten
  • Project Automation Experience (Nov 29 - Dec 2, in Fort Lauderdale, FL)
    • This exciting conference, now in its second year, confirms the importance of project automation from basic software builds all the way through software deployment. It features several presentations on Gradle, and many more on the growing set of tools and techniques for automation.