This week in Gradle (2011-51)

We are very excited about the work by the Jenkins folks for building Jenkins plugins with Gradle. We will follow up on this in more detail in another posting.

We hope that Gradle 1.0-milestone-7 will be the last milestone release and that the next one will be a feature complete beta. I’m looking forward though to some of the cool features we will add as part of the next release cycle :).

Thanks a lot to Tim Berglund and Claudia Fröhling from S&S for creating the JTJ Edition on Gradle. A much recommended read.

I really enjoy the new task view in the Gradle STS Eclipse plugin. It is extremely useful for example when doing demos.

If you are building Flex and Actionscript have a look at the interview between Michaël Chaize from Adobe and Yennick Trevels about GradleFx.

Peter Sellars (twitter: @PeterSellars) is interested in an open source project looking to move their build to Gradle. Peter would be interested in doing/helping them with the move. Great Stuff :slight_smile:

James Carr wrote about enabling JMX in Gradle’s Jetty Plugin.

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##Gradle Development (by Adam Murdoch)

This week we produced a Gradle 1.0-milestone-7 snapshot. Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback so far. Please give the snapshot a try, if you haven’t already. In particular, we’re interested in hearing from people who were having dependency management problems with previous milestones.

Some highlights of this week’s development:

  • Changes so that Gradle checks to see whether an artifact has already been downloaded by another Gradle version or by Maven, before attempting to download the artifact from a remote repository. Gradle verifies that the artifacts it finds this way have the same hash as the remote artifact. This way, we can avoid downloading artifacts, while keeping the results accurate. * Fixes to allow the tooling API to be used concurrently, to run multiple builds to be run in parallel. * Added some new methods to the tooling API, to allow the IDEs to take advantage of some of the new daemon features. * Improvements to the dependency resolution algorithm, to make it faster and use less memory.

What’s next?

We’ll be taking it easy over the holidays. It’s been a big year for the Gradle team.

If the 1.0-milestone-7 snapshot proves to be stable over the holiday period, we will release it as Gradle 1.0-milestone-7. We also plan to:

  • Provide some better options to define the build environment for a given build. This includes things such as which JVM to run the build in, and the JVM arguments to use to launch the build. * Add some more tooling API methods, to allow the client more control over the build environment. * More dependency management work, to provide an offline mode and force mode for artifact caching.

Interesting Tweets * @kellyrob99: Fun morning’s hacking with #betamax #spock #geb and #gradle Too many fun toys out there, not nearly enough time! * @jcsextro: Made good progress today on getting our project in shape in Git and getting all of our Gradle t… Read more at * @sureshkhatriau: #gradle, love the apply from:‘url’, possibilities are endless. #distributed. * @j_c_ross: Started moving a project to Gradle… up and running in 10 min. At last, scriptable Java dependency management without pain… so far. * @JanGorman: Only just got to know you #gradle and I’m already in love * @matthub:schöne kleine Anleitung: | Gradle unter Mac OS X installieren: * @bsletten: Exciting morning in the #netkernel newsletter this morning. O’Reilly NetKernel book in Feb, Gradle Plugin, ANTLR for DSL support. * @kohsukekawa: Netflix in process of moving from Ant + Ivy to Gradle, says @cquinn * @fmueller_bln: “No problem with build time of your project? Then you have not enough tests!” #gradle talk #jugbb * @jameschesters: Check this out: @glaforge interview with @hans_d, recorded at #grailsx: @skillsmatter #gradle #groovy #grails #ggx * @nishantmodak: wonderful talk by @dexterous on simplifying build scripts with Gradle at JUG meetup today (slides) * @rcigni: building my first #gradle project. that’s great! * @dnene: Took a while learning gradle tasks & plugins (in progress). It is amazingly easy & quick to write your own code for plugins/tasks in groovy

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Conferences and User Groups

No more conferences and JUG meetings in 2011 :). We will post about the 2012 shows in one of our upcoming this-week-in-Gradle posting.