Gradle editor with syntax highlighting, formatting and completion

I currently use IntelliJ IDEA for work on my Android projects. The gradle tooling and editing support in IDEA is quite good. Within IDEA, I get syntax highlighting, formatting, checking and completion for my gradle build files. I am now working on migrating several Maven based middleware service projects to gradle. Eclipse is my client’s IDE standard for such projects. After installing the Buildship Eclipse plugin, I discovered that its built in build file editor is not much more than a standard text editor with none of the of the editor features I currently enjoy under IDEA.

  • Are there any plans to add this type of functionality to Buildship?
  • Until this happens, what gradle Eclipse plugins do folks recommend to fill this void? I tried the Minimalist Gradle Editor plugin and found that it is missing a lot of the functionality I currently enjoy under IDEA

Hi Keith
Currently, Buildship offers no Gradle build file editing support of any kind. It is our plan to provide editing support, but we have no concrete timeline for this.
Regards, Etienne

This topic is a bit old, but during my research I came across an eclipse gradle editor, which supports syntax highlighting and code completion. EGradle Editor is part of another gradle integration for eclipse, but can be installed separate.