What Groovy editor should I use with Buildship?

I am new to Gradle and I feel like I need a groovy editor so that Eclipse will help to edit .gradle files .

What editor for groovy should I use in Eclipse?
Also will buildship project provide one of it’s own in the future?

Pivotal provides the Groovy plugin for Eclipse. I would use that one. I’m not sure how much it helps with editing Gradle build files, though.

We plan to support this sometimes in the future. No concrete plans yet regarding the timing of this.

Thank you I will look into that one. I used it in the distant past and I think it does not provide suggestions for Gradle commands, so yeah I think it will not help much.

Maybe I am too used to Maven then. It is a delicate decision to migrate to Gradle since I need to think about all developers without expertise that will need as much support as possible from the IDE etc. I am taking baby steps in this process.