Eclipse plugin for Gradle to edit build.gradle files

Hi All

Iam very much new to using Gradle. Can any one please let me know if its possible to edit build.gradle files in eclipse. Basically i need an editor -(prefarrably in eclipse ) by which i can get suggestions, syntax validation while iam editing the build.gradle files.

In short, it is too early to rely on the IDE for validating Gradle build scripts. The latest STS Gradle plugin offers some basic code completion when you click the ‘DSDL support’ checkbox in the Gradle project import dialog. (Also make sure to install the latest Groovy Eclipse plugin.) This will be gradually improved upon in future releases, but will take some time to develop.

Hello Peter, Is there a ticket or wiki page that we can keep track of the work towards a *.gradle editor in Eclipse? Any suggestions on how to get involved in such an effort?