Gradle plugin for Eclipse?

(Lorenz Hahn) #1

Is there a eclipse plugin existing to use gradle from the IDE? I saw something like that in the gradle presentation at a tech talk at Immobilienscout24… The build targets known by gradle were visualized in a view and could be executed with a click…

(Carlo Luib-Finetti) #2

Yeah, there is a Gradle plugin for Elipse. It is available from Spring Source as part of their Springsource Toolkit (STS). You don’t need all the stuff from STS, but only Gradle and Groovy support (for syntax checks and propositions of Gradle Scripts). Just do a search for the eclipse update site (do not use the download option for the whole STS).

(Peter Niederwieser) #3

Here is the GitHub page with detailed setup instructions:

(Lorenz Hahn) #4

Thanks for the pointer.

I sucessfully Installed via STS, which lead me to a new eclipse installation. This came as a little surprise, since obvious the gradle funcitonality still was not available in my preferred installation.

I also successfully installed the grails plugin via the second described way by accessing the update site. I can now create a new gradle project, show the the gradle view and perform the build targets.

If someone tries the same, here are two hints: - If Groovy enrtries are disabled due to “because STS is located in ‘C:\Program Files’”, move your eclipse installation to another directory, install the plugin and move your installation back. Updates on the installed packages didn’t show any problems yet. - If you already have a java project with a running build.gradle file and want to enable the gradle functionality, right click on this project in the Package Explorer and select Configure->Convert to grails project.

(Carlo Luib-Finetti) #5

your surely meant “select Configure->Convert to Gradle project”…

And: using the STS update site for Eclipse, the whole thing is not such complicated as you described. (Besides, I’d never put any Java installations into “C:\Program Files” or some else directory with spaces inside directory name.)

(Lorenz Hahn) #6

“Convert to Gradle project” … yes, sure.

“C:\Program Files” is the internal representation of the path in Windows7. The explorer shows it as “C:\Programme” in a german installation. It is the default path for all applications that come with a installer. So I prefer to also install eclipse there.