Gradle IDE (Eclipse) Documentation

I am learning Gradle and have found my way around the normal use case. But now I have to step into integration with Eclipse (specifically STS) and need to learn more about how “Gradle projects” are imported into Eclipse (without having to generate the .project files using the inverse - Eclipse plugin for Gradle). By just attempting it I discovered that it did import my projects. However, projects written in Scala (some are pure Java, some Scala, some mixed) were not recognized and applied as Scala projects. In fact, Eclipse attempted to compile “.scala" files as if they were ".java” somehow and obviously failed miserably.

Tried Googling around to find more documentation on Eclipse integration but this appears to be significantly obscured by the “eclipse plugin” for Gradle in search results. Can someone, please, point me at documentation, if available, or provide at least some guidance with respect to my problem above…