Content Assist support for gradle files in Eclipse

I know this has been discussed few years back here. But things should have been changed by now. Whats is holding us back from providing the content assist for gradle files. ?

.gradle file can use the eclipse groovy plugin which is actively developed and provide releases for each groovy version. Why we cannot work to gather and provide decent support for editing files with content assist like IntelliJ does ?

.gradle.kts i saw there is a working prototype video as well online. Why haven’t we seen it released ? What is holding us back with kotlin script support ? Seems like kotlin eclipse plugin is developed actively as well, but not actively like the groovy eclipse plugin.

Right now only IntelliJ can be used to properly author gradle projects, are we kind of marketing for IntelliJ usage from gradle by not focusing on providing support on Eclipse ?

I really would like to know your thoughts from some member of buildship plugin development.