Kotlin scripting with Gradle 3.0 and IntelliJ

I’d like to migrate my existing Groovy builds to Kotlin for the excellent IntelliJ IDE support. The thing is - the latest IntelliJ version does not seem to support Kotlin Gradle scripting at all.

It failed to import a project, as it was unable to correctly identify build.gradle.kts file. I had to add a mock-up build.gradle with apply from: 'build.gradle.kts' to open it as a Gradle project. The code completion was pretty crude and mostly incorrect - it was obvious that it lacks the context and does not work as expected.

Is my IDE missing any crucial plugins? This would seem like a feature that should be supported out of the box, since - well - this is basically their language. Do you have any informations about the Kotlin Scripting support in IntelliJ?

OK, I’m silly. Just found the additional plugin in the GitHub repository.