buildSrc precompiled kotlin script problems in IntelliJ

The associated Gradle Project isn’t imported.

That’s the banner IntelliJ IDEA shows me at the top of my .gradle.kts script-plugin file in my buildSrc directory. It offers a “Load script configuration” action there, but clicking it doesn’t make the banner go away.

The other thing that makes me think this is more of a problem than just an annoyingly persistent warning is that when I take out the quotes around "implementation" in its dependencies block, IntelliJ’s auto build / gradle sync starts failing with

Error: Kotlin: Unresolved reference: implementation

while running gradle tasks from the command line seem to handle it just fine.

With this issue I find myself at the intersection of Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA, and not just Kotlin but Kotlin-script, so I’m left uncertain about which support venue or bug tracker to file this under. Hopefully there’s enough overlap between those communities that someone here will point me in the right direction.


The source is still very raw from its transliterated-from-groovy state, but here’s the .gradle.kts file in question. That’s before I tried to take the quotation marks off the configuration names around line 113.

IntelliJ: 2020.1.1
Gradle: 6.4.1
Kotlin: whatever-goes-with-those. 1.3.71 or .72?


The IntelliJ IDEA issue for this is IDEA-245811.