What's the roadmap for Gradle Script Kotlin?

The Gradle Script Kotlin project is now up to version 0.8.0 of the Kotlin support. However, as of Gradle 3.4.1, the bundled support is still at version 0.5.1 (i.e. three releases behind). I was hoping that Gradle 3.5 would have version 0.8.0 of the support but I noticed that the change was reverted in the 3.5 release branch. It is very clumsy to have to install the Gradle Script Kotlin version of a Gradle release to get an official incubating Gradle feature. Can someone from Gradle comment on the status of the Kotlin support and when we can expect a newer version of the Kotlin support to be bundled in a Gradle release.

BTW the upgrade was backed out but the release notes in the 3.5 release branch still talk about Gradle Script Kotlin 0.8.0.

Sorry for the confusion.

The upgrade to Gradle Script Kotlin 0.8.0 will be part of the 3.5 release.

We removed it from the branch yesterday, because it caused an issue with our integration test setup and that blocked other features on the release branch. We have resolved the issue now and will add the upgrade to the release branch again within the next hours.

Great news! I’m looking forward to 3.5 and the enhancements of 0.8.0.