What is the best way to run/edit a gradle.build from eclipse?

I have several Java projects in my Eclipse project. What is the best way to edit and run build.gardle files (in the Java projects) from the eclipse? I am looking for some Eclipse IDE plugin which enables this task in similar way as e.g. “Ant Eclipse support” do.

Use the Eclipse Gradle plugin, which is part of SpringSource Tool Suite.

Hi Peter, thank you very much for your quick reply. Unfortunately I can’t still manage it. Editor of *.gradle files works fine, but I have not been able to launch build.gradle. I have simple Java project with one “Hello World” class. The build.gradle file contains “apply plugin: ‘java’” only. When I have tried to create new External tool configuration with “Gradle Build” option, there is no possibility to choose my Java project.

Have you read the documentation?

Now it works fine. Before I had the build.gradle in “Java project”. Now I’ve just imported into the workspace as “Gradle project”. Thanks again.