Gradle Build Script Editor

I’m using Buildship plugin and I would like to know if the “Gradle Build Script Editor” which opens the .gradle files is going to have at least this functions in the near future:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Line information (at the bottom of eclipse, like text or any other editor)

Of course, there are other features that it should include (Syntax Validation, Content Assist, etc.) but I think that right now Syntax Highlighting and line info is a must.


@etiennestuder @donat Do you have any comments about this?

Yes, this is planned to be supported by Buildship at some point in the future. But, we do not have this on our immediate road map. There is a plugin from someone else (nodeclipse, I think) that gives some highlighting support.

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I just removed the “Minimalist Gradle Editor” Eclipse plugin (the nodeclipse one) because it was changing the EOLs on my machine (yes I use Win7 :p) and this is a problem with svn commits reviews (false changes) even if you set svn:eol-style=native ni the (shared) svn config file. I’m trying the Groovy (from editor rather (I know is dead, so not sure yet…)