Eclipse stopped liking my build scripts, won't say why

Eclipse is now giving me an error indicator on all my gradle files. Nothing appears in the “Markers” tab to explain what isn’t liked. And the scripts work just fine. So this is purely a visual thing.

buildship: 2.0.1.v20170209-2323-s
groovy: 2.9.2.xx-201702090554-e46

I don’t think anything else would be relevant.

Why does buildship think there’s a problem?

Buildship doesn’t touch the .gradle files atm (we only add error markers to the project in certain cases), so I assume there is a problem with the Groovy Eclipse plugin.

That would have been my guess as well, thanks. I had just redone my Eclipse installation because I was getting really weird results that turned out to have been due a legitimately foobar gradle script that I didn’t immediately diagnose. But when the reinstall was done and the build script was fixed, this issue was the result. My previous install, which did not have this problem, used
groovy 2.9.2.xx-201701160312-e46 and
Buildship: 2.0.1.v20170131-2316-s

I agree that groovy is the more likely culprit.