Cannot import or create gradle projects

Hey Guys,

I am trying to import existing gradle projects to eclipse using the Buildship plugin. When I was clicking on “Finish” just nothing happened. So I tried to create one for testing and got the same issue. There’s no stacktrace or any error, but it just don’t work.

Jdk: 9.0.1
Gradle: 4.3.1
Groovy: 2.4.12
OS: Windows 8.1
Eclipse: Oxygen.1a Release (4.7.1a)
Buildship: 2.1.2v20170807-1324

I hope you can help me :frowning:

Thank you

The problem is that the latest Buildship release doesn’t work when Eclipse runs on Java 9. We’ve fixed it in the upcoming 2.2 release. You can install the latest milestone to make your setup work.

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Thank you very much @donat! :slight_smile: