Feasibility/Implications of changing plugin ID?

Sorry if this has a documented answer somewhere, I wasn’t able to find anything conclusive after a bit of searching.

Essentially, I had previously published Gradle - Plugin: io.github.p03w.machete under my old ID of “p03w” before I went and updated my github (and most libs/packages) to be under “silverandro” instead. Is it possible to change the ID of this plugin at all, and if so, what would the result be for users?

I’m aware I could probably just create a “new” plugin but that has the effects of:

  • Users that I can’t notify through other platforms might think that its not being updated any more
  • Leads to search/association confusion as they’d both exist but be listed separately

So I was hoping that there might be a better solution to this.

I guess a good tactic would be to release a new plugin with the new id and release a last version under your old plugin id that either fails the build, telling the user to use the plugin under the new id, or applies the plugin with the new id and logs a warning that tells the user to update to the new plugin id. So if a user changes to the latest version of the old plugin id, they will get notified by warning or error about the new plugin id.

Interesting, I hadnt considered doing that. I definitely don’t think i’d fail the build as i’d hate to be on the receiving end of that personally but printing an error/warning does seem like a good idea. (Worried about the git history getting mucky if I create a version that just applies the new one)

Guess ill probably look into setting that up later, thanks much