Adding a plugin to the new portal

(Schalk Cronjé) #1

I decided to give the new plugins portal a go and experiment with one of my smaller plugins - Doxygen. It already had a 0.1 release and I could release 0.2 and change the id to ‘’‘orgysb33r.doxygen’’’ instead.

I have been following the instructions at I have created an attribute called ‘’‘gradle-plugin’’’ with value ‘’‘org.ysb33r.doxygen:org.ysb33r.gradle:doxygen-gradle-plugin’’’ via the bintray REST API. This has only been added to the 0.2 version, as the previous version was released under the singular ‘’‘doxygen’’’ id.

The plugin, however, does not appear at

Can anyone shed light on this? The specific package is at

(Luke Daley) #2

Your ‘gradle-plugin’ attribute is wrong. You are stating that the artifact id is ‘doxygen-gradle-plugin’ when it’s actually just ‘doxygen’.

We understand the feedback here leaves a little to be desired.

(Schalk Cronjé) #3

The old artefact id for 0.1 was ‘doxygen’, but with the 0.2 release it was changed to be fully-qualified.

Do you actually scan all version or only the versions which has a ‘gradle-plugin’ attribute?

(Luke Daley) #4

Your ‘gradle-plugin’ attribute is: ‘org.ysb33r.doxygen:org.ysb33r.gradle:doxygen-gradle-plugin’

It should be: ‘org.ysb33r.doxygen:org.ysb33r.gradle:doxygen’

(Schalk Cronjé) #5

Slaps hand against forehead

(Luke Daley) #6

No probs.

We’ll thankfully be making this easier as time goes on.