Trouble getting gradle-plugin attribute set for plugin portal

Unfortunately, I’m again having trouble getting a new version of gradle-git to show up in the plugin portal.

Last time, Luke mentioned that you could set the same attribute multiple times. And in that case, I was able to set ‘gradle-plugin’ multiple times, and both plugins showed up correctly in the portal. When I was done the it appeared like a comma-separated value in the Bintray UI.

So here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Try to set the attribute multiple times through the UI. Overwrites the previous value instead of adding a value as it did before. - Setting to a comma-separated value. The plugin portal didn’t seem to pick this up. - Setting the attribute to a true list via the REST API. Getting a 403 Forbidden. (However, I can GET the attributes…)

Any guidance on how I can resolve this?

It might be worth using the Bintray support tool on to ask about this. Looks like they’ve broken their UI/API. This should work.

Sounds good. Thanks!