Plugin didn't appear at this site

I have followed the instructions of and in the last step it says… “Wait a few minutes …”, however I’m waiting for hours and nothing yet… Any clue??

Version is published in bintray

It has the gradle-plugin=com.datamaio.scd4j:com.datamaio:scd4j in the version

Artifacts are published in jcenter:

I’ve sent a request a request to the Gradle Plugins repository ( and until now, nothing

What am I doing wrong

Is that a manual approval?

I don’t think so… there are plugins being approved in Sunday (2 November 2014)

Hey guys,
at the moment there is still a manual approval step required here. I just approved the plugin. We working on an complete automated solution for this plugin inclusion requests. During the week usually plugin requests are handled within minutes since we handle them with high priority atm. But at weekends it could take a bit longer at the moment.


Thank you very much… Now it is working…

Hi Rene, quick question. I would like to have two ids inside of the same package. Is that possible? Should I set gradle-plugin twice? Thanks again

yes that is possible. See for example benjamins plugin:

Thank you very much