Resubmitted plugin not appearing on account

I submitted my first plugin to the Gradle plugin portal yesterday. Once I submitted it, it immediately appeared on my account page marked as pending review. I later received an email requesting I verify ownership of my domain.

I followed the steps in the email and resubmitted the plugin, but the task hanged for 10 minutes until I cancelled it, and the plugin hasn’t appeared on my account page or the plugin portal several hours later. When I attempt to publish the plugin again, the Gradle task fails stating that this version of the plugin already exists (along with the correct timestamp of when I resubmitted after receiving the email).

Is this a case of needing to wait longer, or has something gone wrong?

This is mainly a community forum where users like me help fellow users.
I recommend you create an issue on GitHub - gradle/plugin-portal-requests: Gradle Plugin Portal issues and requests. or write to the e-mail address mentioned there.