Plugins deployed to bintray not syncing to the portal anymore?


I published a new version of io.werval.module and io.werval.application Gradle plugins on Bintray.
Previous versions (0.6.0 to 0.7.2) are synched to [1] but the latest (0.7.3), published days ago, do not show up.

Could anybody take a look and tell me if I need to change something on my end?




Hi Paul

Thanks for the update. We’re aware of an issue with Bintray syncing that we are currently looking into. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We will update here when it is resolved.

Note If you are in a hurry to get the plugin published, you may want to look at our new plugin that bypasses bintray. Details here:

Kind Regards


Hi Kon,

I am in no hurry if tackling the issue will take you less than a week :wink:
I’ll take a look at the new plugin for future releases.
Thanks for your feedback.


Hi Paul

Just letting you know that a colleague has fixed this up. I’ve verified that 0.73 for both plugins are now on the portal.



Awesome! Thanks for the follow up Kon.


@kon Is this a permanent change? I have some reservations about the plugin-publish plugin and it’d be great news if the Bintray mechanism is an option again.

Hi Andy

To be clear, if you’ve used the previous method of updating plugins via Bintray, this will still work. We haven’t switched this off. The issue with syncing from Bintray was completely separate to the changes we’ve made recently.

Its still early days for the plugin-publish plugin and we are still gathering feedback. We really appreciate the feedback you’ve been providing.

Best Regards


Hi kon,

are you sure updating the plugins still work?
On bintray in the gradle-plugins the version of some of my plugins is higher then on the site…

Hi Felix,

Taking a quick look. Its not the same issue as before as there aren’t any communication errors talking to bintray.

For your plugins I have
cocoapods at 1.0
hockeyapp at 3.0

Both last updated in December. But I can see newer versions as you’ve indicated.

In fact, we see these two plugins with newer versions hitting our backend but the previous approval that these plugins were in the ‘gradle-plugins’ repository on Bintray is not being passed through, causing the update to be ignored. This is despite clearly seeing that they are in fact updated.

We’re going to have to investigate further since we haven’t made any code changes to bintray syncing since the last fix. However if you use the new plugin mechanism, you’ll get your plugins online sooner since you bypass the 3rd party and the issues that have occurred with updates not being recognised. We’d be happy to assist you with updating to the new plugin publishing plugin in the meantime.

Thanks and regards