Syncing a new plugin from bintray

I have a new plugin in the JRuby/Gradle project that I would like to publish to the plugin portal. All of the existing plugins, e.g. are synchronized from bintray and I would like this one to be synced as well.

I cannot figure out how to go about that, and the original setup was long ago before publishing direct to was allowed.

Hi @agentdero,

Is your plugin already published to Bintray? If so, I think you should be able to go through the reclaim process. If you’re not using your github account on the plugin portal, if you can send me your details (plugin to reclaim, bintray link and the user account), I can fix it on the backend.

I am logged in via GitHub into the plugins portal, and this plugin:

does not show up as reclaimable.

Let me know if there’s anything I need to know or do.

@Sterling the problem is that we added one new plugin to the set. Although all of the other ones are still synchronising this new one (jruby-gradle-core-plugin) is not being picked up.

Sorry for missing this issue, we have opened the following issue ( for tracking the underlying issue that we are currently investigating. Please open any future plugin portal related questions on

It seems like this new plugin is in a different Bintray package to the previous ones? If so, you can go here, click Actions / Include My Package and we can link it to get synced.

@agentdero Thanks for adding the inclusion to Gradle bintray package. There is one more step that is missing for the bintray sync to take effect and that is adding an inclusion of the repository to the JCenter Bintray as mentioned in step 3 of the old process. Once you do this, we should be able to sync the plugin to the portal within 1 hour.