Plugin Portal Download Statistics

Is there a way for plugin authors to get download statistics for their plugins hosted on the Gradle Plugin Portal? Back when the portal publishing process was to get your Bintray package linked into a Gradle repository on Bintray, it was possible to look at the Bintray statistics. Now that the Portal appears to be using its own repository, I’m not sure where to go for equivalent information.


Unfortunately, this isn’t available at the moment. It is something we will deliver. I am unable to give an ETA at this time.


Thank you for the prompt response.

Is this still not available?


It would be useful to get know how much popular your plugin it (as provided by Maven Central and Bintray).

Is there an open issue to be able to track a (potential) progress for that?

This Gradle plugin repository is very poor as a repository. No download statistics. No idea why things fail when they do, as documentation is next to non-existent. Amateur UI.

Please just go back to using Bintray as an artifact repository for plugins. If you don’t have time to implement this correctly, just use something that already exists and provides all functionality we may need, and does it well.

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As there apparently hasn’t been any progress on this, I’m going to stop publishing plugins to the Gradle Plugin Portal, and revert to publishing to Bintray.

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What is the current status of this?

Is it possible to have a Gradle Plugin Portal plugin use Bintray as the hosting repository?

Plugin Usage Statistics / Feedback? is a duplicate of this, too.

I’d really like to see better support, here. Publishing to the Gradle Plugin Portal compared to publishing to a JCenter or Maven Central doesn’t seem to offer much. With the Plugin Portal, you get some indexing and maybe SEO, but you also have to use a special plugin which is quite different than maven-publish, different credentials, issues with the java-gradle-plugin (and duplication), no statistics, etc.

Another missing feature is a badge for the current version. Issue here

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Is the right path forward to make a GitHub issue for this, and hope it gets some sort of traction?