Invalid plugin ID 'plugin-name': multiple plugins are using the same ID

I modified my build script a good bit to simplify it. One of the things I introduced is using java-gradle-plugin for the first time. I also deleted the resources file that mentions the implementation class as it’s no longer needed.

Everything built successfully. However, when I went to publish for the first time, I get this error:

Invalid plugin ID ‘’: multiple plugins are using the same ID

I’m happy to include the details of my actual plugin, but I thought I would start at a high level first. I’d like to get an understanding of what could cause this. The plugin I’m publishing to is my plugin, and I’m using the same gradle.publish keys I’ve always used.

What could cause this?


Hi Stewart,

It’s likely that when you adopted the java-gradle-plugin along with plugin-publish v 0.10+, a different group name (without “gradle.plugins” prefix) but same plugin ID was used. Some documentation.

I noticed I got a plugin approval from Red Pill (you, right?) which I approved. Is that the plugin you’re referring to? Do you have other information that you think needs more investigation?

/cc @marcphilipp who may have better knowledge.


That was it. Adding the resources file back spawned a new request. Since approval, all is now working without the resources file. Thank you!

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Excellent. You’re welcome :slight_smile: