Plugin ID not found -- incorrect plugin implementation (from plugin author)

I’ve been quickly developing a small plugin to use for a few projects, but I’m running into an interesting case that I’ve just been banging my head against for hours. I’m sure the issue is extremely simple, but I haven’t found it yet.

The plugin in question: GitHub - Michionlion/gradle-cache-dependencies

Although applying that plugin in its own build.gradle works just fine, I get the following error after publishing it to the plugin portal and using it from a different project:

* What went wrong:
Could not apply requested plugin [id: 'com.wagner.cache-dependencies', version: '0.1.0'] as it does not provide a plugin with id 'com.wagner.cache-dependencies'. This is caused by an incorrect plugin implementation. Please contact the plugin author(s).
> Plugin with id 'com.wagner.cache-dependencies' not found.

The gradlePlugins block pretty clearly does define a plugin with the id com.wagner.cache-dependencies:

gradlePlugin {
  plugins {
    cacheDependencies {
      id = "com.wagner.cache-dependencies"
      displayName = "Cache Dependencies"
      description = "Adds tasks to enable caching your dependencies in various ways"
      implementationClass = "com.wagner.cache_dependencies.CacheDependenciesPlugin"

Is there something basic I’m missing here? At first I believed it was the hyphen in the name, however my configuration appears essentially identical to many other plugins currently published on the portal with hyphens in their name. I can also publish the plugin to my local maven repo (with gradle publishToMavenLocal and then pull that in to a different project if the following is in settings.gradle and everything works.

pluginManagement {
    repositories {

I’d appreciate any pointers at all!

Applying your plugin works perfectly fine here.

@Vampire Do you get the same error I did when using Gradle - Plugin: com.wagner.cache-dependencies?

plugins {
  id "com.wagner.cache-dependencies" version "0.1.0"

… no?
I just said “Applying your plugin works perfectly fine here.” :wink:

Ah, my bad – I must have imagined a “directly” in your response and thought you were applying from the groovy file or something similar. What Gradle version are you using? I’m guessing it’s something on my end if everything works for you.

Huh. I just retested everything with the exact same code and versions, and it works just fine now… I guess this is now a non-issue? Not sure what happened in the first place.