Build scan link for canceled build

I’d like to see the build scan link emitted for a canceled build. Particularly I’d like to see it on a build server (Gitlab). The default behavior seems to be that the client disconnects from the daemon and exits almost immediately. I would like it to wait for the build to complete instead. Is it possible to get this behavior?

Not sure what you are asking about.
If you canceled a build, you canceled it, nothing is done anymore, also no build scan written afaiu.
So what would you want to wait for?

The behavior I see is that when I send SIGINT to a Gradle client process, it signals the daemon to stop the build and exits quickly. The daemon then does its part of canceling the build. It does publish a scan with the configuration that I have at least. The scan link is visible in the daemon log.

I would like the client to continue to wait for the daemon to finish canceling the build and see the build scan link as usual in the client output.

Hm, I see.
Maybe you could instead of running wiht build scan directly have a second build step that runs even if the first was cancelled, that runs the task buildScanPublishPrevious.