Delete my build scan from


is it possible to delete my build scan from

Or protect it with password?

Thank you

If you have published a build scan to that you would like removed, please email with the link to your build scan and indicating that you would like the build scan removed.

Please ensure to send this email from the same address that you used to activate the build scan.

Just to round this off, access control of your scans on is something that we intend to do. I cannot give an ETA on when this will be possible, but I can say that it will be eventually.

Hello Rene,

I also want to delete my build scan. Could you please tell me how can I send you a link of my build scan? Unfortunately I did not find how to send you a direct message (possibly I don’t have rights as a new user) and did not find your email.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Rene and @luke_daley,

Let me kindly remind about my question above.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gor,

Can you please confirm that this was done for you.

Hi @luke_daley,

Yes, the build scan has been deleted by Rene, thanks a lot!

Can u please help me - I also sent a message to delete my scan. But it’s still there… :frowning: @Rene or @luke_daley