SonarQube plugin error

I am new to Gradle. I am using Eclipse Oxygen to import an existing Gradle project.
After importing when I am running ‘clean build’ from eclipse it is throwing below error-

"FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • Where:
    Build file ‘C:\GIT\Develop_31122019\build.gradle’ line: 4

  • What went wrong:
    Plugin [id: ‘org.sonarqube’, version: ‘2.7’] was not found in any of the following sources:

  • Gradle Core Plugins (plugin is not in ‘org.gradle’ namespace)
  • Plugin Repositories (could not resolve plugin artifact ‘org.sonarqube:org.sonarqube.gradle.plugin:2.7’)
    Searched in the following repositories:
    Gradle Central Plugin Repository"

When I searc a little bit, I found there is another error details as below -
“org.gradle.internal.resource.transport.http.HttpRequestException: Could not GET ‘’.
at org.gradle.internal.resource.transport.http.HttpClientHelper.performRequest(
at org.gradle.internal.resource.transport.http.HttpClientHelper.performRawGet(”

How to solve this issue? Any information may help to me.

Thanks in Advance.


The build was unable to download an external plugin required by the build. Perhaps it was a temporary problem. Does the build still fail? Can you download the pom file manually?

Issue still persist.
But I can download the pom from browser!

Could you please create a minimal example exhibiting the problem and post it here?