Several plugins 404 when trying to download


We are experiencing trouble getting several plugins from in the past hours.

An example is SonarQube:


FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* Where:
Build file 'xxxxxx' line: 32

* What went wrong:
Error resolving plugin [id: 'org.sonarqube', version: '2.6.2']
> Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration 'detachedConfiguration1'.
> Could not determine artifacts for org.sonarqube:org.sonarqube.gradle.plugin:2.6.2
> Could not get resource ''.
> Could not HEAD ''.
> Read timed out

While we can download the .pom file, we can not download the .jar file anymore, the server replies with a 404.

We experience the same behaviour with the Moowork Gulp Plugin.

Is anybody experiencing similar issues?
Is something wrong with the repo? We already looked for issues on our end and didn’t find any so far.


Hi Lorenz,

According to our monitoring, we have seen a few timeouts but not many over the past 24 hours. This seems to have been caused by a larger than normal number of “delete” requests", which messes with our caching (which should, in fairness, be much better). My local tests show that I can resolve both the sonarqube and gulp plugins from a Gradle build, but of course that doesn’t invalidate your claims.

I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding regarding the “missing JAR” here. Let’s take the Gulp plugin for example. If you look at the directory listing for the Gulp plugin, you might see this:


No JAR? Notice the .gradle.plugin suffix here, and that if you open the POM, it has a dependency on the “real” gulp plugin with group = ‘com.moowork.gradle’ and artifact = ‘gradle-node-plugin’. This tells Gradle to download the real artifacts, see this directory listing here. rightfully returns an HTTP 404.

This is how Gradle resolves plugins using the id "foo" version "X.Y.Z" syntax.

Anyway, if you give me some more context about what you’re seeing, e.g. about how many requests over what period of time, and for what plugins and so on, I’ll dig in a bit and see if there’s a bigger issue here that needs immediate attention.

Hope that sorts some things out.


Hey Eric,

we are experiencing the same problem regarding the sonarqube plugin (download fails with read timed out and the with 404). (
Which breaks our build…

We just use the plugin in gradle and it worked until today… (last time on wednesday)

Have you a hint?



Hi Christian,

Which other plugins are you seeing this problem with? Does your build behave differently if you use --refresh-dependencies?