Show full date on topic posts and replies

I can’t read “Jan '14” because in my mind, this could mean “the 14 of January an unspecified year”. Can someone fix this please? I’d like to see the full date on posts and replies, like 2014-01-12 or 2014-Jan-12. I know that after a while the exact date looses its significance, so if you just want to display Jan 2014 that helps too.

Yeah, it looks a little weird to me too. I couldn’t find any options in the site customizations to change it (or user-level preferences). Have you seen anything for that @Rene?

I totally agree that this leads to confusion. run into this just some
days ago too.
unfortunately this is not configurable in our forum at the moment. I
reached out to the discourse guys as there was already a discussion
about this on the discourse user forum at