Writing a post from a mobile device

I’m most of the time answering on the forum from my mobile phone.
It’s not possible to add styles to the input text (eg code block or URL link), which can lead to answers with bad looking quality.
Is it a missing feature on discourse or sth disabled on the Gradle forum?

I looked through the site options and don’t see anything obvious that we didn’t enable.

I took a look at posting from my phone and I can see how it’s not easy. I appreciate the effort you put into responding to questions here if that’s what you usually go through. :smile:

For posting, I normally use triple backtick fences (even on the desktop) and Markdown-style URLs: [text](url)

apply plugin: "java"


Seems to work (from my phone)

Yes I should have been clearer.
It’s possible to do it, but not convenient, since we don’t have the toolbar with the markup options, on top of the text field used for edition.
I guess it’s a discourse missing stuff.
That being said, I know that it’s probably not easy to find a convenient way to add these capabilities on mobile display. Just with the edition text field and the virtual keyboard open, my screen is already full :smile: