Forum stylesheet issues

I hope you guys are aware that the current stylesheets are a bit funny…

I assume you are working towards migrating everything to the new color scheme (thank you!) and it will take some time, yet here are two things you may want to fix with priority as they impact the basic usability of the forum:

  • links in posts are displayed the same color as body texts
  • some “audit trail” messages have black text on black background.

Both issues can be seen at (Chrome 51.0.2704.103 on Windows 7)

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A quick fix is to apply this user style for the domain (i.e. via the Stylish Chrome extension)

a { color: cornflowerblue }
.moderator .topic-body { background-color: lightyellow }

Thanks for the report Dimitar. I’ve made some more adjustments.

Thanks Luke, the black-on-black issue is resolved. For the link color - I find it a bit too subtle for my monitor, but at least they light up when I mouse over them.