What's going on gradle.org

Hi, core team.

It seems the design of home page(gradle.org) is extremely changed.
What’s going on gradle.org?

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Oh, you noticed? :smile:

Don’t fret, there is nothing happening with regards to the Gradle open source project. If you’d like to learn more about the Gradlephant and “Build Happiness” I’d check out the following blog post.


Thank you, @mark_vieira!

Can I introduce and translate the post into Japanese for who is hesitate to read English?

< edit >
I’ve translated the post into Japanese.

If there is a problem, please let me know. I’ll delete the translation.

Awesome! I’ll assume the text is accurate :smile:

I can’t imagine that this:

is what you want the Gradle page to look like.

Honestly, when I opened it today, I thought the site was hacked. There are weird color blobs, white text on white background and very important information (what is Gradle and where do I get it?") is missing.

It looks okay on my phone (although the pink font is very distracting).

It’s even worse on internet explorer, all the logos are out of shape

Side note, pre-registration doesn’t really fit in this context: “Gradle.com is now accepting pre-registration, for updates sign up here:”. The sentence should read “You can now subscribe to receive Gradle.com updates”. And instead of a button saying OK, maybe a button saying “Subscribe”

As for the color, the main problem is that it’s neon and the blobs. It is eye catching and original, but nauseating and hard to read. You should be putting any obstacles in front of your readers, especially if they are newcomers and potential clients.

thanks for the feedback everyone. Fixes are on the way.

what version of IE is having the issues? thank you.

I tried with Chrome 46 and IE 11

Aside from being highly distracting, the blobs also burn lots of CPU cycles. My laptop’s fan starts spinning when I visit the page.