Continuing an Old Form Topic

The only options seem to be ‘old forum’ and ‘select a category’

Shouldn’t you be able to pick a different category when responding to an old forum topic?

I note that when I am posting this from the ‘new post’ in the meta category, my only options are meta or select a category, which makes some sense but it it likely a different code path should be followed for responding to the old forum?

I didn’t actually try to respond, i’m assuming attempting to create a new topic in old forum would fail.

Actually for that matter, reply as linked topic on this post would only let you post in meta. This seems broken, the only reason I could think to reply as linked topic would be to cross post. “Oh this is a good bug for a community contribution; reply as linked post to community contribution forum

I can reconfirm the problem. We will look into this. Thanks for letting us know.

The current behavior is not what it should be.

We are working on the issue should have it sorted tomorrow.

In the mean time you can work around by:

  1. Starting a new topic.
  2. Visiting the original topic.
  3. Highlighting some text on that topic.
  4. Hitting quote reply.

Technically it will result in the same function.

We will get this sorted very soon, but this is an interim workaround.

Just to let you know here: I ran into two issues when trying to contribute to the old post thread:

I tried creating a new thread in “Contribute” forum from scratch, just quoting the old discussion, but I kept on getting the abovementioned 422 HTTP error

Is this still happening?

  1. “422 problem” is now no longer occuring (has been fixed upstream)
  1. When including lots of dots between words (Java class name) I’m getting Title is invalid error.

Should be fixed upstream (not yet deployed?)

  1. Didn’t check yet whether novices can create linked posts. This one does not seem to be configurable: