Unable to reply to my own (old) thread

(Marcin Zajączkowski) #1

I’m not able to reply an update to the thread I created some time ago. There is no “reply” button. Is there something wrong this that thread?

(Marcin Zajączkowski) #2

I still cannot reply in that thread. Any ideas?

(James Justinic) #3

This definitely seems to be working as designed. You originally posted in the Bugs category, which is no longer used. The category description explains the status, including a link to the longer blog post:


Good news, everyone. We have opened GitHub Issues! Please submit bug reports following the guidelines when submitting. The Bugs category is now read-only.

(Marcin Zajączkowski) #4

Thanks for your explanation. It makes sense. When you just open a thread with a direct link that message isn’t visible and because of that I missed it.