Provide some news of the week/month

At the gradle mailinglist there are often threads where user ask for upcoming release dates / future plans (e.g.

It would be great to have regular updates here like the one of adam above. IMHO the communicated release plans where very optimistic in the past and not often updated, right?

I like this idea. Not sure about the frequency, though. I guess enough stuff changes in a week to make the updates interesting. Perhaps every 2 weeks would be good from an interest/effort point of view.

Luke has also proposed this a while ago and we all thought that this is a good idea. Originally we thought we would use our upcoming blog for this. But this forum might be a better place for it.

The Grails community has something similar:

“This week in grails” seems to be a bit different. It sum up blogs, twitter messages, conference announcements etc. and doesn’t contain really new information.

this would be nice to have for gradle too, but for those following gradle on twitter and or the mailinglist this kind of blog does not provide valuable new input. having developer insight thoughts here or in a blog can provide this kind of “insider” input, that I often miss in burts blog.

Got it. Good point.